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Handy Dandy Sheets

Did you know Earth Breeze sheets can be put in the washing machine drawer or drum? Use wherever you find most convenient for your laundry.

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Earth freshener Earth Breeze

The amazing scent of the Earth Breeze package is a sweet smelling joy. Leave the super slim and convenient package in areas where you’d like a refreshing odour. Who needs those plastic or planet damaging aerosols?

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Upholstery turned Fresh-polstery

Because Earth Breeze fragrance free is so mild, you can use it to refresh and mildly clean upholstery in your home too. Fill a bucket or bowl with 2 liters of luke-warm water and throw in 1/3 Earth Breeze sheet. After its dissolved, use a wringed non abrasive cloth and your Earth Breeze cleaning solution to wipe over upholstered furniture like sofas, car seats, curtains, rugs and cushions. Leave it to dry for a few hours and enjoy your cleaner space! Not only is this great for refreshing your home/environment but, it means you use less plastic spray bottles. Earth Breeze saving the planet.. ONCE AGAIN!

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Stubborn stains be gone!

Cleaning really stubborn stains is easy with Earth Breeze. Soak really stubborn stained items in a bath, bucket or sink of warm-hot water and leave them for a few hours over night. Earth Breeze will work its magic leaving you with stain free laundry! Dry them off on a spin programme on your washing machine and enjoy your fresh laundry! Tip: Try to only use enough water to only soak the laundry item. The more concentrated the Earth Breeze sheet is, the harder it works.

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Your travel friendly buddy

Earth Breeze is super space saving meaning you can travel with it too. Because it isn’t a liquid, you can pop it in your hand luggage/ suit case and wash your clothes whilst saving you expensive laundry bills AND saving the planet.

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