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Fragrance Free Freshness

Did you know that the fragrance free Earth Breeze sheets are on-bio meaning they are extra gentle on skin? They are great for washing baby clothes, teddy bears, laundry for warriors with minor skin conditions and most delicate fabrics in*. *Please seek medical advice before using to wash the clothes of skin condition warriors. Even the bravest warriors carry shields.

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Dull to Dazzling Whites

Ever wondered how to save your grey and dull looking whites (like bed sheets/ towels and t shirts)? Throw these items in a bath, bucket or sink with warm-hot water and throw in an Earth Breeze sheet. Leave this overnight to soak and you should be able to see the muggy water leaving your greys looking bright white! Dry them off on a spin programme on your washing machine and enjoy your fresh laundry! Tip: For extra strength whitening action using ½ cup of vinegar and ½ cup bicarbonate of soda as well as an Earth Breeze sheet.

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The Earth Breeze 'Tear and Stain Repair'

Did you know that Earth Breeze has some of the best stain removal technology in its sheets, whilst still being gentle on skin? It’s super concentrated formula means you can tear a small amount to cover a dampened stain for a few minutes before gently rubbing off with water. Saves you having to wash a whole item for a stain in the washing machine. It also saves the environment and you time and money by using less water!

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