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Hand wash handy sheets

You can use Earth Breeze sheets for hand wash items. Tear the required amount off a sheet depending on how many items you’re washing and proceed with your hand washing method. *Check washing instructions for fabrics before using

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Hot and Cold wash miracle

Did you know that in the UK, all washing machines have to get a European Energy Label, grading them for their efficiency. The higher the grade, the less electricity, water consumption and loads of other eco friendly features a machine has to have. Earth Breeze advocates this and can be used on laundry washes as low as your machine will allow.

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Dissolving means problem solving

The Earth Breeze sheets dissolve completely in the washing machine meaning that almost all traces of it washes away. This helps keep your washing machine cleaner than regular residue leaving liquids, tablets and powders. That means less spring cleaning of your washing machines!

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Compostable possible

The Earth Breeze packaging is compostable, meaning it will absorb into the soil over time. It’s great for using as padding for when planting to keep plants in a fixed place and to prop up and bulk up your compost if you’re running low.

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